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"Starting at 11:59 p.m., people aged 12 and older will be REQUIRED to show proof of full vaccination and government identification to access most non-essential businesses, services and events, and masking will be MANDITORY in all public indoor spaces” [emphasis mine]. 

No one will admitted to any Parish building, no matter who, without visual proof of full vaccination. We will mark this in our “Contact Tracing Book” and keep the list private; once shown and registered with us, you will not need to show us this proof again. 

The hall door will once again be locked in order to comply to the government’s requirement. 

MASKs are in place once again in all our buildings, for readers, preaching, Eucharist etc. We will ask that in Trinity and the Hall you maintain social distancing.

For outside services, such as internments, I strongly encourage mask use and social distancing if you will be closer than 6 feet.

All unnecessary Hall use has been canceled, namely Prayer Shawl and Meditation Groups. Vestry this week will be quick and in the Church following the service. 

We are fortunate that our leadership both executive and vestry did not permit public and private events in our hall, therefore we have not needed to cancel diners and teas. I continue to be proud to serve this very conscientious parish. Certainly we are feeling the financial impact, but we are strict in order to provide you with the comfort in knowing we have done everything to stop the spread of this devastating virus.

As the priest of the parish the above is not desired, but necessary to ensure we protect each other and all whom we love. Jesus’ great commandment is Love each other; this is a way to do so in these troubled times.